Do you have a 1-5 year old who is interested in music? Check out Major Chords For Mini Minors!

What Is Major Chords For Mini Minors?

The goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for young children and families in the community of Saginaw to participate in a fun, engaging, and educational activity. The benefits of music early in a child’s life include social, emotional, and physical development, enhancement of literacy skills, and development of creativity. Children absorb so much musical knowledge in early years.

Age Group 1-5

With an accompanying adult.


Children and an accompanying adult sing, dance, play instruments, and learn about music in a variety of age-appropriate activities. Sessions are 45 minutes long, once weekly. This program is offered September through May.

Age Group 5-7


Students learn music through African Drums in a group setting, learning how to make sounds, tell sories, improvise music and reading and play rhythm patterns.

Classes Will Be Held:

Ages 1-2

Wednesdays & Thursdays
Ages 3-5

Ages 5-7

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